The climate crisis will trigger the biggest capital shift in history. Plus, if we don't invest in technologies to solve it, we're fucked.

ℹ️ TL;DR:

Planet+ Capital is my new rolling fund, where I will centralize all of my investments in climate-positive (and carbon-negative) technologies.

I've been exclusively investing with this singular focus for the past 2.5 years, and I've been completely amazed by the quality of the dealflow I've been finding - so given I'm going to run out of money if I continue at this pace, I've decided to raise external capital.

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Previous Portfolio

☒️ Seaborg - Molten salt based nuclear energy reactors.

πŸ›© Heart Aerospace - Electric mid-range airplanes.

🌬 Traverse - AI-driven prospecting for hydro, solar and wind locations.

πŸ› Entocycle - Decentralized, automated insect farming for fishmeal.

🌳 Pachama - Reforestation through automated Forest Carbon Offsets.

πŸ„ Mushlabs - Alternative protein from fermented mycelium.

πŸ’Ά Tickr - Mobile-first impact investing platform.

πŸ’Ύ Net Purpose - Deep, company-level impact finance data provider.

🚁 Talyn - A new type of VTOL, electrifying mid-range transportation.

πŸ— Thermulon - A new process to develop aerogel, a next gen nonflammable insulation material.

🏭 Opus 12 - Recycling COβ‚‚ into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels.

πŸ’¨ KiteKraft - Airborne wind energy generation.

🐠 Coral Vita - Coral farming to regenerate bleached coral reefs.

πŸ›’ L'Intendance - Plastic free online grocery shopping.

🌑 Mellizyme - Plastic eating enzymes.

πŸ₯˜ Better Cooking Company - Pellet-based stoves to replace charcoal cooking in Africa.

πŸ₯š Clara Foods - Egg white proteins from fermented yeast

πŸ‘ž VitroLabs - In-vitro cultured leather

🏦 - Climate-friendly bank

This list is only partial and these investments are not representative of the entire portfolio. Most early-stage investments fail. A complete list of past investments is available upon request.

Target sectors

Previous performance

All of the capital I invested as an angel was the result of profitable angel investments.

Regulations prohibit from sharing past performance, and past performance is not indicative of future returns. A complete list of past investments and returns is available upon request.

The Planet+ investment thesis

The Planet+ investment thesis is rooted in many different trends, all inter-related and self-reinforcing. They all feel incredibly obvious at this moment.

Shifting consumer preferences

Consumers are already shifting their valuable dollars to more ethical, clean, circular and regenerative products. This will represent trillions of dollars in consumer spending.

Shifting political sentiment and regulatory frameworks

The climate emergency already is or will soon be the defining issue in most elections. Governments will feel more and more pressure from their electoral base as well as from businesses (and actual facts), so that new massive planet-friendly regulatory changes will have to be the norm soon.

Shifting corporate spending